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lake district

The Lake District is one of fifteen national parks in the United Kingdom. It was the first national park in the United Kingdom to receive UNESCO World Heritage status in July 2017. It is located in the county of Cumbria in the northwest of England about 130 km from Manchester and covers 2172 km². The Cumbrian Mountains make up much of the impressive mountain and lake landscape. All geographical points above 914.4 m in England are in the Lake District, as is the largest natural lake in England, the Windermere.

The Lake District National Park is one of 15 national parks in the United Kingdom and the largest in England. It originally covered 2,292 square kilometers of the county of Cumbria.

The location of the Lake District facing the sea and its mountainous shape mean that this region is the wettest in England. The average rainfall is 2000 mm per year, although there are significant local variations.[source: wikipedia]


The Lake District is a paradise for nature lovers, walkers and landscape photographers. The wet weather is certainly a challenge, but also an opportunity for good photos.

 XT051890   .jpg
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